Charlie Moffat

Charlie was born at 5am on July 7th, 2016. He measured 52 cm and weighed 3.585 kg. Both mother and son are doing great and Will is yet again a proud dad and happy that everything went fine. Yann already told us that he’s happy to be a big brother (as opposed to being the little one … ;-) )

We’d like to introduce Charlie to you at some point in the near (or maybe not so near) future! Just send us an email or call us if you’d like to arrange a visit:
Joke - 0484/41.13.71
Will - 0484/41.33.81

Ah, that’s a difficult one … We don’t really feel the need to get presents for Charlie or need much any more. We have already received a lot of second hand clothes and furniture and other baby-essentials for which we are very grateful, and we’d be more than happy with a nice card and your sincerest well-wishes! There are only a few things we could come up with that are not essential, but rather cute. So, if you really really would like to get Charlie (and Yann) something, you can always check this suggestion list (in Dutch).

Lots of love from all four of us!
Charlie, Yann, Will & Joke